About us

About us

Falcon Medical Polska sp  z.o.o.  is the Polish daughter company of Falcon Surgical, a leading  manufacturer which for over thirty years has specialized in manufacturing instruments for surgery, dentistry, dental  laboratories, body care and  veterinary.

Thanks to continuous innovation and the use of certified raw materials, Falcon Surgical has been able to develop such a comprehensive variety of instruments as to satisfy the varying and increasingly stringent requirements of an international audience both in terms of quality and range.

To date Falcon Surgical is present with own subsidiaries in Germany, England, Italy and  Poland

Manufacturing activities

All Falcon Instruments are made by Falcon Surgical using  state of the art materials and manufacturing techniques which extend to the use of sophisticated  metals and alloys such as titanium and nickel titanium

All manufacturing activities are performed under Quality Assurance conditions as laid forth by the EN ISO 2000 norms (all of which has been certified and is being continuously monitored by recognized  international bodies) and  in compliance with all laws and directives ruling the distribution of Medical Devices.

Quality guarantee

As a result of the experience accumulated in over three decades and the stringent quality control tests both in production and at the final stages of manufacturing Falcon Surgical is in a position to guarantee a consistent level of quality of any product in their range.